What is F-1?

Posted by Ashutosh Tiwari Monday, September 7, 2009
Formula-1 or better known as F-1 is the highest class of autoracing, as so sanctioned by the FIA, the motorsports governing body. the word formula in the name refers to the set of rules that are necessary to be followed by all auto companies participating in the races.
Broadly speaking, this level of motorsport is a very expensive way of analyzing the performance of cars manufactured by various car manufacturers all over the world. The Formula-1 season consists of various races( generally 17 or 18) which are held over different places throughout the world. various nations hold F-1 races and tracks are specially designed for conducting these races. These tracks are known as circuits and presently the circuits are in various countries. In 2009, the circuits included in races are Australia, Malaysia, China, Bahrain, Spain, Monaco, Turkey, Britain, Germany, Hungry, Europe, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

The races are dated all over the year. Generally, the season begins in March and continues till late October. The races are held with a gap of one, two or three weeks. The race continues all through a week with the teams practising on the regular weekdays, Friday sees the first practice session and the race is held on Sunday. Saturday sees the qualifying session for the driver's position on the grid. People are entertained all through the week with the other FIA races going on like GP2 and other races. The results of the races decide two championships, the Driver's Championship that goes to the driver with the highest number of points won, and the Constructor's championship that goes to the team that collects the most number of drivers' points.

The F-1 races held are extremely high speed races where cars achieve a maximum speed of around 340 km/h or around 215 miles/hour. This is so when the engines are bound by rules to build up a maximum of 18000 rpm. The performance of these cars is handled by extreme electronic gadgets and improvements are made continuously for a safer and faster ride. Sometimes, the cars produce an excess of 5-g force on some curves. The cars have excellent acceleration and pickups.

Formula-1 base is in Europe mainly due to all teams basically originating there. For those who do not believe in motor racing as a sport and plead for audience, F-1 alone brings in a television viewership of more than 600 million fans around the globe which is third only to Football and Olympics. It has been classified as the most expensive sport, and its high costs are covered by Big sponsors for the teams who pay a lot towards the development in the infrastructure of the car.


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