How Indian is Force India?

Posted by Ashutosh Tiwari Thursday, September 10, 2009
Force India, the team that had kept Kimi Raikonnen's heart pacing all through the race at Spa for two complete hours when Fisichella denied to give up chasing his Ferrari. The success of Team Force India can not be treated as  a mere coincidence because the team was much better than other cars and they proved this alos in the qualifying and the practice sessions held at Spa. Vijaya Malya gave the credit to his team engineers and the hard working drivers and gifted this success to the Indian community who are following this very expensive sport back home. But with the advent of F-1 in India, several considerable points have come up which need a moment to think over. 
A very good question that can be put up is the percentage of Indian involvement in the structure of the team. I fail to answer the question that is it sufficient that the owner of the team being an Indian, we can call the team our national team. Definitely not. With the team comprising of foreign technicians, race engineers, and drivers and an Indian owner who has nothing much as an involvement in the race except for funding the team, we can hardly call it an Indian team. It is not so that we dont have capable enough drivers to drive the F-1 car. We have Kartikeyan and Karun Chandok who have proved their worth in GP2 races. Narain has even driven for the F-1 races in team Jordan. Then why is it that we cannot involve them in the team even as test drivers. With reasons of promoting F-1 in India, is buying a team and naming it Force India enough as measures taken for the above purpose. One often thinks, the world is borrowing technicians from India, the intellects that can be found in India are difficult to find elsewhere, should we not gather a team of technicians and engineers dedicated to the sport. I know they lack experience but someone will have to take the initiative. Gathering a team and making them learn about the sport is one way of handling such system. With some experience behind him, Mr. Malya can always take a step in this direction. Once we have a team that is completely India, I think the numbers who follow this fantastic and breath stopping form of high speed auto racing will automatically rise many folds. The spirit of F-1 when combined with that of Nationalism can be a boost for all, the sport itself, India, and the spirit of F-1.


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