Friday Practice 1: Results

Posted by Ashutosh Tiwari Friday, September 11, 2009
A non KERS car was third in Friday's practice session1 and guess what , it was Force India. Yes, Adrian Sutil in his non KERS Force India car was third on the charts in the 1st practice session  here at Monza. Though liuzzi did not match his pace but it seems he will after putting down some rust that has built up on him while acting as a testing driver. KERS is definitely showing its effects in Monza where Mclaren gave a one-two practice session1 with Hamilton leading the timing charts. though one surprise that has come up is Ferrari not living up to the expectations and ended up quite late on the charts. Though they are expected to bounce back any moment seeing their success with the car in the previous race and the KERS installed. Here are the results of the first ten places in the 1st practice session.
  1. Lewis Hamilton (Mclaren)
  2. Heikki Kovalenen (Mclaren)
  3. Adrian Sutil (Force India)
  4. Fernando Alonso (Renault)
  5. Nick Heidfield (BMW Sauber)
  6. Sebastian Beumi (STR- Ferrari)
  7. Jenson Button (Brawn)
  8. Giancharlo Fisichella (Ferrari)
  9. Mark Webber (RBR-Renault)
  10. Kimi Raikonnen (Ferrari)


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